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  • Introduction  >  
  • Judging criteria
  • Judging criteriaFilm
  • Scope of Application
  • Non-absorbent film
  • Test Methods
  • 1. Reference standards
  •   – ISO 21702 Measurement of antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces
      – ASTM E2721 Standard Practice for Evaluation of Effectiveness of Decontamination Procedures for Surfaces When Challenged with Droplets Containing Human pathogenic
       viruses and etc
  • 2. Evaluation items
  • The following items are evaluated for the film.
      1) Safety test – submitted by the applicant
      2) Antiviral performance evaluation
      3) Abrasion test (optional)
        - Application of ASTM D4060 and manufacturer's suggested method
      4) Expiration date* (optional)
        - Apply the expiration date suggested by the manufacturer to ASTM F1980
        *Expiration date : The period during which the effect or effect of the product can be used normally
  • 3. Antiviral performance standards
  • Certification review is conducted after determining antiviral performance based on the log reduction value.
    * Standards for antiviral performance vary by product.